Davis-Standard, LLC

Exclusive Alliance Brings Coreless Stretch Film Systems to the Market

Davis-Standard, LLC and NO.EL srl of Italy announced that the two entities have signed an exclusive agreement to jointly supply inline coreless stretch film systems to the converting industry. This alliance combines NO.EL’s coreless winding technology with Davis-Standard’s extrusion and processing capabilities to provide high-speed coreless and pre-stretch film systems in widths up to 3 meters (120 inches). Plans for introducing lines with wider widths are currently underway. Equipment solutions for inline coreless and thin core winding of conventional stretch film as well as inline pre-stretching are also available. Using this equipment, processors can manufacture multiple rolls of slit film using bleed-trim or bleed-less technologies.
“We are pleased to be working with Davis-Standard to offer a coreless winding package to the stretch film market. Our combined technologies create a green option that reduces carbon, production waste and costs,” said Roberto Colombo, NO.EL’s Vice President of Sales. “Eliminating cores can save as much as $360 of the cost per pallet of 360 hand rolls wound on 2-inch (50mm) conventional size cardboard cores. Coreless wound rolls are also smaller in size for the same amount of film, making them easier to handle and cheaper to transport.”
NO.EL’s inline coreless winders enable processors to produce conventional cast stretch film for hand and/or machine wrap at line speeds up to 700 meters per minute (2,240 feet per minute) in widths from 1 to 3 meters (40 to 120 inches). Line speeds up to 1,100 meters per minute (3,600 feet per minute) are also possible using NO.EL’s inline pre-stretch technology in conjunction with Davis Standard cast stretch lines. As validation, NO.EL’s coreless and pre-stretch technology has been proven on over 300 off-line, start-stop and continuous rewinding machines. Higher line speeds of over 1,000 meters per minute (3,200 feet per minute) are necessary in pre-stretch film applications to produce thinner films of 7 to 8 microns, and to ensure the line’s potential extrusion capacity without sacrificing output.
In addition, NO.EL’s patented air-floatation mandrel expands the finished film roll, allowing it to be removed from the core shaft effortlessly without sticking or twisting film. Sequential porting of the air used to float the film off the shaft allows for wider width, multi-roll winding on a single shaft. The simplicity of this design makes this mandrel one of the strongest and easiest to balance on the market.
According to Davis-Standard Executive Vice President, Hassan Helmy, the Davis-Standard and NO.EL alliance translates into strategic opportunities for customers.
“There are several coreless suppliers, but NO.EL is the only one with proven inline and off-line production success,” explained Helmy. “NO.EL’s patented technology and many installations convinced us that their company was the most advanced and reliable platform for Davis-Standard customers looking to migrate to a greener, advanced coreless solution.”
NO.EL’s coreless winders integrate well with Davis Standard’s line of Black Clawson Converting Machinery stretch film equipment. These lines have been proven to run in excess of 670 meters per minute (2,200 feet per minute) on film as thin as 10 micron/40 gauge. Davis-Standard and NO.EL will customize each installation based on customer requirements.
Helmy added, “The pre-stretch technology, either coreless or with thin cores, improves processing efficiencies as well as roll quality. Not only does coreless, pre-stretched hand-wrap roll save wrapping material, but it allows for a consistent wrapping force around the package. The roll is less prone to damage if dropped, which minimizes subsequent film breaks as a result of a damaged roll edge. There are so many advantages, and we look forward to the benefits this technology will provide customers.”
For more information about NO.EL, visit www.noel-automation.com. For more information about Davis-Standard’s line of converting machinery, contact Christine Maxam at maxamc@bc-egan.com or visit www.bc-egan.com