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Excellence in hot runner expertise for clean room applications and high demand low weight applications

HRS Multitech 16 cavity hot half

HRSflow at K show 2013 will be presenting live a complete production environment for a PC medical device in cooperation with partner company Netstal at HRSflow stand (Hall 1, Stand B08). At Negri Bossi (Hall 15, Stand B22) stand, a Multitech system will run the production of a blood tube, while the HRSflow stand will have the Multitech advanced solutions suited to the production of parts requiring excellent part finish, high process repeatability and fast color change.

HRSflow, with its Multitech line, is dedicated to the production of multicavity systems for low weight and high production volume components for the caps and closures, medical, packaging, cosmetics, automotive and electronics industries.

The medical applications industry is a very challenging one, due in part to the large number of cavities, but also to the outstanding system reliability and fast cycle times required.

HRS Multitech at K2013 will be producing a PC infusion device running on a Netstal ELION 1750-530 molding machine with a cycle time of approximately 16 seconds. The part is the result of a successful cooperation with well-known international companies : the 16-cavity mold is coming from the Italian moldmaker R.B., the PC Lexan HP3REU material is being provided by Sabic Europe while Piovan will provide all the cooling ancillary equipment .

The mold is equipped with an HRS Multitech hot half and is optimized for fast color change. The color change optimization affects the entire hot runner, with special focus on the nozzle zone. The gate zone has been suitably shaped for the purpose using insulation rings. Considering this is a system running at compressed short cycle times, special attention was given to the thermo-fluid dynamics aspect of the whole system. The system has an excellent thermal stability, thanks to reduced thermal dissipation between hot runner system and hot half, combined with optimal cooling channels layout. All technical devices related to the whole molding machine, mold, and hot runner system package have lead to “energy saving" results of 15%.

At Negri Bossi’ stand (Hall 15, Stand B22), a mold from Italian based company GEFIT will be equipped with an HRS Multitech hot half MTV39 type nozzle , for the production of a PET blood tubes diam.12mm, 75mm length. Specifically the Hot Half features a special valve guide for the production of a 75mm-long version PET tube with a weight of 3.6g.The hot half system's 32 cavities produce the 75mm format at a cycle time of 7.1s. The required result meets all the needs and demands of the customer: part weight homogeneity (+ / -1.5%), optimal concentricity, low energy consumption and perfect transparency.

The attention paid to the mold cooling optimization is another key aspect of the HRS Multitech systems. For this important aspect, HRS Multitech is used to relying on conformal cooling - meaning inserts with conformal cooling channels strongly shaped to the molding surface and close to the gate, made by SLM - Selective Laser Melting technology. The main benefits of optimal cooling results in an easy restart phase which means low production waste, improved aesthetic quality at the injection gate, and cycle time reduction.

The Multitech division of HRSflow during the R&D stage uses specific software to analyze finished parts accurately, which involves system thermal homogeneity, energy cycle consumption, pressure drops and weight balancing of shots.

In terms of cleanliness, precision and short cycle times, HRS Multitech is the right choice for your applications.