Evonik to expand production capacities in China for TAA derivatives

Demand for triacetonamine derivatives (TAA derivatives) has kept rising for several years. Evonik Industries is taking advantage of the economic opportunities afforded by this situation and is considerably expanding its production capacities for these special derivatives in China. The foundations for a new plant will be laid as early as this year.

Production scheduled to begin at the end of 2011
Currently, Evonik produces the derivatives in a joint venture Evonik Tianda (Liaoyang) Chemical Additive Co., Ltd. at the Liaoyang site in northeaster China. The existing production capacities are to be moved within the Liaoyang region to the Aromatic Site (LAS), one of the country´s largest petrochemical sites, and will also be significantly increased. Full production is scheduled to commence in the fourth quarter of 2011.

Apart from the plant in Liaoyang, Evonik has further production capacities at Marl Chemical Park in Germany.

Main applications in the automotive and construction industries
The company is already one of the world´s leading suppliers of TAA derivatives. These are essential intermediates for the production of hindered amine light stabilizers H.A.L.S. The stabilizers improve the properties of plastics that are subject to intensive light radiation. The main applications are in the automotive and construction industries as well as agricultural films.