Evonik producing CDT and polyamide 12 without any limitations

CDT plant passes performance test

As recently as ten months after the fire in Evonik Industries´ cyclododecatriene (CDT) plant, CDT-based VESTAMID® products and its precursors are available once again without limitations, thus force majeure ceased, reports the company. After the reconstructed plant resumed operations at the Marl site in December, it demonstrated therefore in early February how well it can run under normal operating conditions. This was done by subjecting the plant to a 72-hour test at full capacity. The VESTAMID® grades based on CDT as a raw material are thus available again in full quantities.

"With a construction period of only six months, we´ve succeeded in minimizing the fallout time for CDT as much as possible after the plant explosion and fire”, says Gregor Hetzke, president of the Performance Polymers Business Unit, looking back at the successful efforts of the past year. Reconstruction to the CDT plant was begun in June, followed by its mechanical completion in November.

CDT is a raw material for producing premium plastics, above all, polyamide 12, which is used by the automobile industry, for example.

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