Evonik invests €1m into superabsorbant polymer tech center for diaper market


Evonik has inaugurated a new application technology center for superabsorbent polymers in Krefeld, Germany. As a supplier of superabsorbent polymers, with manufacturing plants in the US, Germany and Saudi Arabia, the company has invested in a new facility to strengthen the company's position in a competitive market that, according to recent market research, is mainly being driven by the burgeoning demand for diapers for young and old.

The scope of applications for Evonik's superabsorbent polymers reaches beyond baby diapers and also includes feminine hygiene and adult incontinence products, as well as a broad range of technical areas.

However, the diaper market remains the single largest end market application for superabsorbent polymers, with almost 80% of all production being dedicated to diaper production worldwide. While the baby diaper market has remained largely stable in recent years, the aging population, which is impacting everything from healthcare, housing and pension financing schemes to family infrastructure, is also causing a boom in demand for superabsorbent polymers for adult diapers and incontinence pads.

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