Evonik: PPA for composites

In the production of composite parts, the use of thermoplastic matrices, as opposed to conventional thermosetting matrices, leads to signifycantly reduced cycle times. For this process, Evonik Industries of Essen, Germany, now offers the polyphthalamide VESTAMID® HTplus as powder, granulate, or film.

As a matrix for composites Evonik has developed a PA10T-based copolyamide of very low viscosity, which ensures excellent fiber impregnation. It has lower water absorption, and therefore better dimensional and hydrolytic stability, than PA6T. With a glass transition temperature of 125°C and a processing window around 300°C, VESTAMID® HTplus is, due to manufacturer information, an ideal high-temperature polymer for composite parts with carbon, glass, or aramid fibers, which are used in the aviation and automotive sectors. These can be stored indefinitely at room temperature; they absorb less moisture than conventional parts with thermosetting matrices, are more easily bonded by thermowelding, and have significantly higher impact resistance. They are particularly suitable for medium- and large-scale production.

The material is available in the form of granules, VESTAMID® HTplus C2000 nc, and as a powder of mean particle size 50 µm, VESTAMID® HTplus C2505 nc. Should you wish to produce composite parts from a film, we can also supply a suitable film of corresponding thickness.

More information: www.evonik.com