Evonik: Laurolactam capacity expansion successful

Essen, Germany-based Evonik Industries has succeeded in implementing the expansion of its laurolactam capacity in Marl, as had been announced for the fourth quarter in May 2010. Laurolactam is the starting material for polyamide 12, which the Group markets as a construction material and as a powder: VESTAMID® and VESTOSINT®, respectively.

To ease the supply situation of polyamide 12-based molding compounds Evonik will further increase its laurolactam capacity as has been announced in November. In so doing, Evonik is strengthening its market position in polyamide 12 and is offering its customers supply security.

Beginning with butadiene, Evonik produces laurolactam in a multi-step process and then polymerizes and compounds it to yield an extensive range of polyamide 12 products precisely customized to the requirements of processors and end users. Thanks to its properties, VESTAMID® applications run the gamut from sophisticated line systems for motor vehicles, through large-volume pipes used in crude oil production, wire insulation in the cable industry, and catheters in medical technology, to precision injection-molded parts such as pump impellers and control-valve housings in machine and equipment manufacture. VESTOSINT® is used to coat metal parts and wire products such as dishwasher racks.