Evonik: Bio-Polyamide Protects High-Performance Cables

Germany-based Evonik Industries has expanded its range of compounds for high-performance cables to include bio-based VESTAMID® Terra DS. Evonik is thus responding to the rapidly growing interest in bio-based plastics, even in technically challenging fields of application.

A polyamide 1010, VESTAMID® Terra DS is produced entirely from monomers obtained from castor oil. Castor oil is in turn obtained from the bean of the castor oil plant, which is used neither as food nor animal feed and whose cultivation does not compete with that of food crops.

VESTAMID® Terra DS molding compounds are semicrystalline and therefore distinguished by high mechanical strength as well as resistance to chemicals and stress cracking. They also have high to very high heat deflection temperatures and a low water-absorption capacity, retaining their good mechanical properties such as elongation at break and impact strength, even in high humidity.

Areas of application for VESTAMID® Terra DS cable jacketing include special cables for the automotive industry, underground cables, in which case the bio-polyamide protects against damage caused by gnawing rodents, and polymer optical fibers.

More Information: www.evonik.com