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Eurotherm FACT SHEET K 2010

Eurotherm, a subsidiary company of Invensys plc, is a leading global supplier of control measurement and data recording solutions and services to industrial and process customers. For over 40 years we built an international reputation for developing premium quality, ‘fit for purpose’ products and solutions for Blow Molding, Extrusion, Injection Control and Blown Film applications. The Eurotherm brands (Eurotherm, Action Instruments, Barber-Colman, Chessell, Continental, and ERO) have long been recognized for leading the plastics automation market. With expertise accessed by specialist engineers located across the globe for numerous plastics applications, Eurotherm has created and designed a range of systems that maximize productivity and customer return on investment.

Flexible Solutions for the Plastics Industry
Low Life Cycle Costs are a result of understanding the needs of plastics producers and machinery builders. By combining the understanding of these needs with our leading control and automation expertise, we offer:
• Decreased cycle times
• Less operator time
• Better parts quality Less scrap
• Reduced set-up times
• Less downtime

Excellence and precision control in plastics automation by constantly adapting to the ever-changing needs of the plastics producers and machinery builders.

Integrated Automation: Eurotherm is leading the market into a new era where the requirement is for instruments from field to business systems to work in harmony, integrating all aspects of a manufacturing plant to provide the plastic producer with the maximum return on investment.

Flexible Solutions: From the very beginning of the plastics industry, Eurotherm has provided reliable temperature control equipment. Over the years, we have developed a comprehensive line of superior control products for all aspects of plastic machines. We continue to set industry standards with innovating discrete components and total machine control systems.

NEW in 2010
• Retrofitting Control Systems
• Especially designed packages for installation and start-up, in a combined offering at a low price.
• For Blow molders there is the latest in Parison Control in a very cost effective package: Breeze IIc
• For Extruders a new system offering nearly 30% cost reduction compared to previously released versions: Starting with Temperature & Pressure to full line control; the EM-3c.
• Our Engineering department will be present to answer any questions about our complete project management offerings: from start to finish, including an investigation and full analysis of unique company challenges, design and proposal, full implementation and installation, with lifetime support and training for continued solution enhancement.
Where to See Eurotherm Products at K-Show
MACO® Compact Machine Controls
• Hall 10/ H42

Products for Plastics Industry
Machine Controllers:
Parison Control; Extrusion; Small Extrusion Lines; Injection; Blow Molding
Customizable Panel Controllers
DIN Rail Mountable Temperature Controllers
Single Loop Temperature Controllers
Pressure Controllers
Indicators for Melt Temperature, Speed, Pressure or Current