European injection molding industry shrinks


There have been net declines of 14% and 21% in the number of injection molding sites listed for France and the U.K., respectively, according to a new series of reports on the European molding market, with nearly 200 companies gone in Spain and Portugal since the previous guide. Applied Market Information Ltd. (AMI) has been documenting and monitoring the European injection molding sector for more than 20 years, and its latest reports list the activities of more than 3200 injection molding operations in France, Spain, Portugal, and the U.K.

AMI reported a "notable drop" in the number of French and British molding operations, with more than 300 U.K. companies that were listed in the last edition of its guide having closed down or gone out of business. In France, 279 businesses have gone, with nearly 200 companies no longer operating in Spain and Portugal.

The sectors that AMI found to be most affected included the automotive industry, particularly suppliers of small and medium sized components, with small and medium sized electronic and appliance manufacturing also down significantly. A decline in polymer demand also illustrates the changes underway on the continent. Material consumption fell by more than half a million tonnes from 2007-2009, after peaking at nearly 3 million tonnes of thermoplastics injection molded in 2007....
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