European consortium to develop sustainable packaging that reduces food waste


A group of European companies and researchers from five different countries have joined together to develop a new material to tackle food waste.

Called ISA-Pack, the €3.9 million ($5 million) project is funded by the European Commission (EC) Seventh Framework Program (FP7). European companies and research organizations will collaborate during a three-year period to develop fully sustainable packaging for fresh foods to extend shelf life, improve quality, and reduce waste.

UK-based Biopac, a sustainable packaging design and development company, is participating in ISA-Pack. John Bright, managing director at Biopac, told PlasticsToday through extension of shelf life, the ISA-Pack project seeks to reduce retailer supply chain wastage of fresh food produce, which includes meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, by about 75%.

"Time is running out to implement improvements for EU Directives for food waste prevention," he said. "The objective of the ISA-Pack project is to develop a flexible sustainable, active and intelligent technology platform for the packaging of fresh food produce."...
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