European antitrust authority investigates wire harness players


There must be something about wire harnesses. European wire harness suppliers now find themselves tangled with the European Commission's antitrust watchdog, which has instigated proceedings against suspected participants in several cartels for the supply of automotive wire harnesses.

German company Leoni AG (Nuremberg) says it is cooperating with authorities and will "provide information and documents to clarify the issue." Others active in the European wire harness sector include Draexlmaier Group, the German unit of Sumitomo Electric Industries' European arm, and Delphi Automotive Plc.

The European investigation is part of a wider effort to investigate possible cartels in the automotive sector. The Commission has also recently carried out unannounced inspections in other areas of the car parts sector, because it is concerned about the existence of possible cartels. Inspections have taken place in the sectors of occupant safety systems in 2010 and most recently thermal systems in May 2012. The unannounced inspections at wire harness suppliers took place starting February 2010....
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