European EPS industry suggests a name change for the material


Styrofoam, foam plastic, that white packaged stuff that holds you food - those are all names given to expanded polystyrene (EPS) in the states. Over in Europe, names to describe the material include styropor, PSE, piepschuim or polyfoam.

As you can see there are plenty of names floating around to describe EPS. And it looks like the European EPS industry is tired of multiple names being used to describe just one material. So they believe they have come up with solution and has introduced a common European name for EPS:
 airpop engineered air.

How did they come up with this name? Here's an explanation: "Simply because the name airpop immediately brings to mind what the material is made of - It's air. A lot of air. 98 % air, to be precise. And just a tiny fraction is made of synthetic material, which expands to 50 times its own volume. To protect everything that needs to be protected: our children's heads, TVs, fresh fish and thousands of other things."
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