European Bioplastics report: The end of the oil age and rise of bioplastics


With 420 attendees, the 6th European Bioplastics conference in Berlin could rightly be termed a major success. This year, more than 80% of the participants came from Europe, 10% from Asia, and the better part of the remaining 10% from North and South America. Established players ranging from BASF, DSM, PolyOne, NatureWorks and Dow to Novamont, BioAmber and the World Wide Fund for Nature offered insights and information on new materials, environmental aspects and strategic market development.

'The oil age will end long before we run out of oil' -Maurits van Tol, DSM

Worldwide, numerous industrial sectors are building sustainability into policies, leading some to proclaim that the transition from a fossil-based to a bio-based economy is already underway. Not only are rapid strides being made in the development of materials based on renewable resources, the market for compostable materials is also set to grow strongly. Major brand owners are moving into the use of bioplastics, with a focus on renewable materials. As Andy Sweet, chairman of the European Bioplastics Association said, "The world wants to do things in a green way. It's a world of opportunity!"...
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