European Bioplastics hails new law pushing bioplastics in France to forefront


The new law on energy transition and green growth adopted last week by the French parliament is likely to impact on a wide range of legislative areas and issues in France. The law not only requires the share of nuclear power in the French energy mix to be reduced, it also contains a wide range of legislative proposals, e.g. on renewables (40% by 2030) and CO2 reduction (-40% by 2030). Importantly, it moreover paves the way to make the use of bioplastics mandatory for selected types of packaging and plastic bags.

François de Bie, Chairman of the Board of European Bioplastics, welcomed the opportunities created by the new law in this respect and fully supports the clear commitment to renewably sourced, biodegradable plastics. Under the new law, lightweight plastic bags for fruit and vegetables, for example, are required to be biobased and home compostable from January 1, 2017 on. The minimum biobased content and its progressive increase will be defined in a decree of the State Council, which will also define measures for consumer information about the material composition and utilization of such bags. Furthermore, plastic packaging for commercial mailshots will have to be biodegradable/home compostable by January 1, 2017.

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