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Euromac reel handling

TB3.06T2 high end Duplex turret slitter rewinder

Euromac in the recent years has developed many aspects of the pricess of cutting and rewinding improved ergonomics, greater automation and more client specific options to improve productivity and reduce the heavy working procedures for the operator which has always been a bottleneck for companies. It has become more and more obvious that the slitter rewinder is not only an accessory equipment but it is one of the most important tools that flexible packaging suppliers should have to be able to produce quality material In this optic very important feature  has become the roll handling. For example for Euromacs Turret slitter rewinder in which reduction of downtime Euromac has developed version in-house solutions. Euromac's top of the range is their Totem in which the operator has bhe opportunity to extract horiziontally the reels from the shafts and place the reels onto a pallet or conveyor belt in vertical position.