EuPC: Two new plastics groups for technical parts in Europe

Because the volume of EU legislation affecting technical parts manufacturers is increasing, EuPC, the Brussels based trade group for plastics converters, has found it necessary to set up two new Groups to respond to the threat. More than 80% of industry roadmaps & legislation is European and are affecting plastics converting companies in the technical parts business. These companies supply OEMs in Europe and around the world according to very strict standards and quality specifications. European manufacturers have always been leaders in these markets and now there is a need to develop further alliances for a new market potential.

The recent adoption in the European Parliament of more EU legislation affecting these business & markets has influenced EuPC in its decision to start 2 new European Groups to foster collaboration on the future EU legislative requirements.

The Electric & Electronics Market Group will be led by the Belgian plastics federation (Federplast) and the Medical & Pharma Market Group by the French Fédération de la Plasturgie.

A clear work programme has been established for the 2 new groups following a brainstorming session held by experts in Germany at the end of 2011. Companies interested to participate can either contact their national plastics association www.plasticsconverters.eu/network/npa or EuPC office directly (alvaro.fernandez@eupc.org).

"The innovation possibilities for future growth of processing plastics in technologies such as plastronics, intelligent products ,nanotechnology, conductive polymers or medical devises are all very good opportunities for our industry to develop knowhow in the European Union”, according to EuPC Managing Director Alexandre Dangis.

He further highlighted the need to develop more innovation clusters at national and cross sectoral EU level to stimulate growth in these evolving specific plastics markets to serve the societal changes and increase comfort, protection and health for the consumers.