E.choli Bakterien können Infektionen auslösen
© istockphoto [dim_it:pic_desc]Killing germs and interrupting transmission channels is therefore the name of the game in hospital hygiene. All objects and surfaces on which biofilms can form – particularly when they are made of plastic, which has surfaces that are anything but smooth and which microorganisms find it easy to settle on – are candidates for physical and/or chemical disinfection measures, such as heating, irradiation, wet and dry sterilisation. It proves to be a problem to fight contamination by conventional means, because disinfectants containing chlorine are very hard on polymer construction and other materials such as drinking water pipes: the surface of the material corrodes, roughens and repels dirt less effectively, creating an environment in which bacteria can thrive particularly well. Since plastic is so versatile and economic that it can only be substituted by other materials to a very limited extent, it is not uncommon for different processes to be needed to guarantee freedom from germs.[/dim_it:pic_desc]