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Eriez® releases video showing eddy current separator removing nonferrous metallic from recycled PET flake

Eriez eddy current separator Rev-Xe
High speed and close-up images of an Eriez Eddy Current Separator in action have been captured in a video released by Eriez®. The video has a running time of about five minutes and can be viewed on Eriez’ website or from the company’s YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/eriez.

Eddy current separators (ECS) provide superior non ferrous metals removal in recycled PET bottle and regrind recycling applications. The video showcases how the ECS removes aluminum, brass, bronze, copper and other metallic from the post-consumer PET stream. Viewers can see the high launch speed and trajectory of the ECS as it efficiently removes non ferrous materials from the bottle recycling process.

The stronger eddy current fields plus the use of rare earth permanent non-electric rotor elements help create clean PET yield up to 98 percent. Eriez offers rotors in widths up to 84 inches (2.1m), which increase separation capacity and purity. Rotor styles are available for large material and small particle separation. A high precision splitter design efficiently separates small nonferrous material.

Eriez’ eddy current separators consist of an external drum, internal permanent magnetic rotor, drive and belt conveyor. The external drum shell of non-metallic composite material rotates at conventional belt conveyor speed. The internal concentric full diameter RE alternating polarity rotor turns at much higher RPM than the external shell. Through the induction of eddy currents and the resulting repelling forces, the alternating magnetic field selectively repels the nonferrous metals and physically separates them from other materials with minimum product loss.

More information on Eriez Eddy Current Separators for the plastics industry can be found at: http://en-gb.eriez.com/Markets/Index/Plastics