Erema: Mid-year plant start-up record in 2010 for PET recycling systems

The recycling of post-consumer PET bottles is booming in Europe. This can also be seen in a commissioning record for PET recycling systems for the company EREMA®, announced the company. This should be the first time ever in Europe that four large-scale VACUREMA Prime systems (Photo) have been handed over to their operators in only a six-month period (Q1 and Q2 2010).

The 4 large-scale facilities will produce around 50,000 t/year of melt-filtered, IV-increased and food-contact-approved pellets in central and south-eastern Europe, so Erema.

The patented VACUREMA Prime plant technology enables efficient and defined decontamination of the PET flakes through the integrated batch process. Furthermore, the system also achieves the required IV increase.

Thanks to the latest development it is now also possible to achieve an AA content of the VACUREMA pellets that is below 1 ppm, closed the manufacturer.

More Information: www.erema.at