Environmentally friendly polyamide cranks up presence in auto sector

A lightweight multi-functional crankshaft cover in molded from a bio-based polyamide (PA) 410 has been adopted by the latest generation of diesel engines developed by the Volkswagen Group. The EcoPaXX PA resin in question was supplied by DSM Engineering Plastics (Singapore) and molded by KACO GmbH & Co. (Heilbronn, Germany).

The crankshaft cover incorporates integral seals in PTFE and liquid silicone rubber (LSR), as well as various metal inserts. It will be used on Volkswagen's new MDB modular diesel engine platform, implemented across its Audi, Seat, Škoda and VW brands. Volkswagen, along with all major automobile producers, is in a constant search for new ways to increase the sustainability of its products, and the new bio-based crankshaft cover is a good example of solutions that it is implementing.

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