Engineered plastics' global demand back on the rise


The global market for engineered plastics will exceed 20 million tonnes by 2015, fueled by restored health in most end-use markets, and in particular, the automotive sector. Global Industry Analysts' (GIA) new report on the engineered plastics market notes that Europe and Asia-Pacific will account for a majority share of the global market for the materials, with a continued shifting of global production bases to lower-cost Asian countries.

China and India, in particular, are forecast to "emerge" as the global growth driver over the medium- to long-term period. This shift will be fed in part by the already expanding automobile demand in these countries.

Polycarbonate (PC) growth will be stimulated by expanding applications in motor vehicles, construction, and medical products, in addition to increased use of PC in alloy combinations with other plastics. GIA believes that the automotive industry will witness what it calls "a distinct re-focus on functional and performance materials like engineering plastics" due to their ability to help reduced automakers' carbon footprint.
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