Imerys Minerals Ltd.

Engineered Mineral Additive Reduces Costs and Enhances Performance of Nonwovens

FiberLink™ Improving Nonwoven Sustainability & Performance
Imerys Performance Minerals recently developed the innovative FiberLink™ treated calcium carbonate, a highly engineered mineral additive produced in North America, Europe and Asia. FiberLink is specifically designed for use in fiber and nonwoven applications, where it provides up to 10% raw material cost savings and performance enhancements such as softness, opacity, and filtration efficiency. In addition, the carbon footprint of FiberLink is only one-fourth that of the polypropylene resin it replaces. Manufacturing line speeds can be increased, due to the good thermal conductivity of the mineral, and the bonding temperature of spunbond fabrics can be decreased, resulting in energy savings.

Unique benefits are found in spunlace wipes. The addition of FiberLink may enable producers to reduce or eliminate higher-cost rayon from the configuration, in addition to gaining the softness and opacity seen in other applications. There is no evidence of the calcium carbonate leaching out of the fabric, and wipes stay consistently moist when stacked.

To support their growing capabilities in the Nonwovens market, Imerys has announced the launch of a new website. The website www.nonwovens.imerys.com showcases the Imerys FiberLink product, designed specifically to improve Nonwoven sustainability & performance. It features enough technical content to convey the performance, environmental, and economic benefits of using Fiberlink.

Imerys also produces treated calcium carbonate additives for film and molded packaging applications. These products, Supercoat® and the FilmLink® series, are widely used in polyolefin systems and are also produced in North America, Europe, and Asia.

For more information, please visit our website at www.nonwoven.imerys.com.