Engel machine concept saves energy by creating its own

Schwertberg, Austria—Borrowing a technology concept from Formula One where the race cars capture braking energy for use when extra power is needed, Engel has filed patents on a similar technology for injection molding machines.

Stefan Engleder, chief technology officer of the Austrian injection molding and automation supplier, said Engel is investigating the concept for its line of e-speed injection molding machines, capturing energy from the deceleration of the moving platen.

Speaking at his company's pre-K press conference from Engel's Schwertberg, Austria headquarters, Engleder noted that much like a race car braking as it enters a curve and then accelerating out of the turn, the injection molding process entails repeated accelerating and then decelerating. "Looking at acceleration," Engleder said, "you actually need energy. First it's taken from the grid, but this is not sufficient, so the new system also takes energy from the kinetic energy storage. During deceleration, the machine recovers kinetic energy, and some energy is also recovered into the grid."...

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