Engel expands in Schwertberg, details K plans and holds back the floodwaters

Schwertberg, Austria—Engel's June 3 pre-K press conference served dual purposes: first as a preview of the technology developments it plans on introducing this October in Düsseldorf and secondly as a live trial of the flood-mitigation measures it put in place nearly 11 years ago after the river that runs adjacent to its 40,000 sq m facility in Schwertberg, Austria surged beyond its banks and into the plant.

"Journalists are brave people," Engel CEO Peter Neumann joked with the international trade press gathered at the event. "Even with the announcement of flooding, you still came here."

Several Austrian States, including Upper Austria, where Engel is located, had endured torrential rains over the prior week plus, with the precipitation normally received in two months deluging the region in only a few days. Of the four bridges crossing the Danube from where Schwertberg is back into the city of Linz, only one remained open by the evening of June 3....

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