Engel: Training on Injection Moulding - Measuring the Success

Engel has come up two new offers that address this requirement and, at the same time, shed light on the effectiveness of training services. A uniformly high standard of training programmes around the world is guaranteed by a quality assurance system.

Year after year, some 3,000 employees from plastics processing firms take part in seminars or workshops at one of 14 global training centres. As from this year, participants are being invited to add a final examination to their course why it is becoming ever more important to get objective feedback on how much knowledge is actually conveyed.

In addition, the training division has responded to requests for objective learning feedback with a second new initiative: First gauges the knowledge level of trainees with a competence assessment, then develops custom-made training programmes aimed specifically at them. From basic to expert level, from machine and robot operation to process engineering, Engel covers the full spectrum of knowledge needed by plastics processing businesses - and addresses the individual needs of its clients.

The new training centre built three years ago at the headquarters in Schwertberg, Austria, is one of the most modern training facilities for the plastics industry. By striking the balance between theoretical and practical education, it sets the standard for all training centres in Europe, America and Asia. Equipment alone is not enough to ensure successful training outcomes, however; continual learning on the part of the trainers is equally important. A quality assurance system, developed recently, ensures the high quality standards at all training centres, across the board and around the world.