Engel: Tiebar-less, all-electric injection moulding machine for Swiss mould maker SCHÖTTLI

SCHÖTTLI AG has been manufacturing high-quality injection moulds for more than fifty years. Today the programme includes moulds for the medical technology, closures and packaging sectors. Each mould manufactured by SCHÖTTLI is inspected at the in-house Customer Technology Centre in order to establish the optimum injection parameters and the appropriate process controls. Five injection moulding machines with a clamping force of up to 400 tonnes are available for this purpose.

Recently, an ENGEL e-motion 100 was the first tie-bar-less machine to be put into service at the SCHÖTTLI Technology Centre. The all-electric ENGEL e-motion machines are particularly suited to fast applications requiring top precision. The tie-bar-less design has the advantage of providing easy access to the clamping unit and thus more room for moulds and automation. In addition, the ENGEL all-electric injection moulding machines are particularly energy-efficient.

"Until recently we didn´t have an all-electric machine at out Technology Centre. With the ENGEL e-motion we´ve enhanced our capabilities in the increasingly important test mould sector with a fast and powerful machine," says Alexander Anders, Head of Applications Technology at SCHÖTTLI.

Photo: Markus Schertler (ENGEL Switzerland), Alexander Anders (Head of Applications Technology, SCHÖTTLI), Johannes Strassner (Sales Manager, SCHÖTTLI), Christoph Lhota (Head of Medical Technology, ENGEL Austria) and Felix Hüthmair (General Manager ENGEL Switzerland) in front of the new ENGEL e-motion 100 injection moulding machine at the SCHÖTTLI Technology Centre.

More Information: www.engelglobal.com, www.schoettli.com