Engel: Irene Schwarz turned 80

Since the founding the injection moulding manufacturer ENGEL 65 years ago Irene Schwarz (Photo) characterises the company. Irene Schwarz is celebrating her 80th birthday with her family and staff at this time.

Born in 1929 Irene Schwarz came to Austria in 1944, where her father Ludwig founded ENGEL in Schwertberg. Irene was part of the family business from the very beginning. In 1951 she married Georg Schwarz who joined the company as Head of Production. Together they have two daughters.

After the sudden death of her father in 1965, Irene and Georg Schwarz took over the management of the Ludwig ENGEL KG with about 380 employees at this time. Mrs. Schwarz has managed the company prudently and laid the foundation for the today's success of ENGEL. Today ENGEL is a global leader in injection moulding machine manufacturing an has more than 3.000 employees worldwide.

In 1999 Irene Schwarz was awarded the Decoration of Honour in Gold of the State of Upper Austria and in December 2006 she became Honorary Senator of the University of Leoben. The award is in recognition of Mrs. Schwarz´ lifetime achievements for the plastics industry, and her exemplary commitment to the company, staff, and the development of the ENGEL group.

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