Engel HL Awards 2015 recognize innovative applications on tie-bar-less machines


More than 25 years ago, at K 1989, Engel (Schwertberg, Austria) introduced a series of machines boasting what the company described as a “barrier-free” clamping unit—contrary to received wisdom, the new machines had no tie bars. With that, tie-bar-less era had commenced.

The idea turned out to be a good one. The new technology was found to offer a host of advantages, among which the possibility of using larger molds on smaller machines, yielding in many cases significant cost savings. Other benefits, according to Engel, went much further than cost alone. Tie-bar-less technology, says the company, promotes design freedom, efficient processing methods, compact production cells and creative process ideas.

To highlight the merits of the technology, Engel called the HL Awards into being. These awards honor truly outstanding applications realized on tie-bar-less machines. This year, the Awards were presented for the eighth time during a gala dinner on the evening of the 16th June during the company’s symposium in Linz and St Valentin, in Austria.

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