Engel, Cantoni combine injection and blowmolding into one process


Engel Austria GmbH and Italian-based Cantoni have developed a new process that combines the injection molding and blowmolding processes into one injection molding machine.

The process, called the inject2blow method, is a system that offers injection molders the possibility to produce blown containers without switching to a different technology, Christoph Steger, VP Business Unit Packaging for Engel told PlasticsToday.

"Simple and easy processes are one of the key success factors of modern production, especially in areas where smaller lot sizes and frequent design, shape changes are necessary," he said. "A one-step-process on one machine with one mold where inserts can be exchanged fast and simple shows immense advantages in terms of flexibility and investment costs. This fact led to the idea of developing such a system that combines fast and simple design changes with the flexibility to just need one specific machine that could also be used for other applications as well."...
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