Engel’s all-electric e-mac makes North American debut in Minneapolis

After its initial launch in June 2012, Engel's new line of all-electric injection molding machines, the e-mac, will make their North American debut at MD&M Minneapolis (Oct. 29-30) at booth 1205. An e-mac 310/105 US will mold polystyrene needle holders for safety syringes, running a 5.5-second cycle with a 16-cavity mold from Swiss moldmaker Fostag (Stein am Rhein).

The e-mac's utilize Engel's well-established CC 200 machine controller and are currently availbale in sizes ranging from 55 to 195 tons. Fully modular, the all-electric machines are described by Engel as being "incredibly efficient and compact." They come standard with SPI robot interface, corepull software and interface, ceramic heaterbands, parallel plasticizing, programmable I/O's, a swiveling injection unit and more.

The Minneapolis machine will also be equipped with Engel flomo: a compact, adjustable water manifold that features electronic monitoring. flomo's user interface is fully integrated into the CC 200 control. At the show, the flomo manifold has been mounted close to the mold, helping minimize heat loss. The fully integrated user interface provides permanent electronic monitoring of all cooling circuits, and for show purposes will be monitoring the cold runner manifold (temperature and pressure of return water). The flomo system is also available as a stand-alone unit equipped with its own control unit....

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