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Energy management for pelletizing

Power Consumption / Year (8000h) [kW]
Energy management for pelletizing means for BKG the systematic planning, implementation and optimization of energy consumption in compounding lines with the aim of continuously improving energy efficiency and reduction of the costs and environmental impact associated with the energy consumption.

Here are a few examples of available and future-oriented measures:

For technological and energetic improvement a new water filtration system "Optigon" was developed. In comparison with the proven “Optiline” water system here the curved screen pump is eliminated whilst filtration is improved.

As an option all water systems are designed with insulation. Thus, the required heat energy is stored and not released to the environment.

Furthermore, the insulation is also used as touch protection.

By default, the die plates respectively die plate rims are provided with a thermal insulation, which ensures an uniform temperature profile in the flow channels and the retention of the heat in the die plate. The potential savings is about 30% compared to conventional die plates.

The motors used in our company correspond to the statutory energy efficiency class IE2 (High Efficiency). Our goal is to increase this to the energy efficiency class IE3 (Premium Efficiency) in the near future. Analysis of the use of the released thermal energy at the change of physical state from liquid melt to solid pellets. In collaboration with our research and development department, all new designs are reconsidered continuously and performed accordingly, with regard to energy efficiency and sustainability.

CrystallCut® (Example: BKG was nominated for the prize of the „most innovative, energy-saving plastics processing equipment of the last decade (2002-2012) for the Chinese plastics industry”).

Please see website http://www.kreyenborg.de/en/bkg/know-how/underwater-pelletizing/special-applications/crystallcut