Energy efficiency expert addresses best power practices for plastics


Dr. Michael Muller's presentation on energy efficiency in industrial environments during's virtual event is definitely not his first foray into the field of energy smart plastics manufacturing. A professor at the University of Rutgers School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, and the director for the Center for Advanced Energy Systems (CAES), Muller's research team took part in a sweeping review of plastics manufacturing firms, undertaking energy audits and making recommendations that provided immediate energy, and thereby cost, savings at 11 different companies across the U.S.

When CAES audited Dickten & Masch Manufacturing Co.'s annual energy bills, the Nashotah, WI injection molder's final tally totaled $708,760. After implementing two-thirds of CAES's recommendations, including installation of energy efficient lighting, addition of variable frequency drives on motors, better control of the compressed air system, and controlled application of outside air, the molder was able to realize savings of $34,743, with paybacks on investments like drives and lighting ranging from 2 to 29 months. ..
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