Energy efficiency: Double-digit decreases in plastics machinery energy usage possible by 2020


Plastics processors could decrease their use of machine-specific energy by up to 20% by 2020 according to a new study commissioned by Europe's plastics processing machinery association. The study will be released this summer and bases its findings on discussions with machinery manufacturers, as well as their plastics processing customers.

"Our branch can reduce the machine-specific energy used by about 20% by the year 2020," stated Bernhard Merki, president of EUROMAP, the trade association linking all of Europe's country-specific plastics machinery groups. Merki also is president of injection molding machine manufacturer Netstal (Naefels, Switzerland).

According to the study, the annual energy savings are roughly equivalent to the amount of energy all the private homes in a large city such as Hamburg, Germany would consume in a year. "These impressive (energy) savings are possible even though about a third of all of the energy used by plastics processing machinery is a constant-the amount required for plasticizing the material."...
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