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End of Arm Tooling (EOAT) Major Project

Major Project
In operation: a major project in the matter of integrated End of Arm Tool building!
Contract awarded. In the selection procedure of a further supplier for automobile interior finishing, we were able to assert ourselves and received the contract for a total of twelve grippers and three cutting stations. Automatic component transport and casting trimming are incorporated, and rapidly exchangeable attachments provide flexibility in component production.
Delivered in the meantime, they successfully round off an injection moulding production line. A further milestone of our gripper building department, the know-how of which forms the basis for our expanding modular gripper system!
Ironically however, exploitation of the full creative potential that we invest for the customer's benefit was inhibited by the customer himself in this case: the assignment-related performance specification stipulated the most common commercially available End of Arm Tool system, thereby ruling out our most innovative product, the prismatically-guided PreciGrip system. Customer technicians who subsequently acquainted themselves with it expressly regretted the decision and gave precedence to our product for future projects!
In summary: "being too straight laced" hinders innovation!

For any End of Arm Tool builder who has ever had his hands on the PreciGrip is convinced! It is also understandable that many hesitate in converting immediately. This is why we offer the option at an increasing number of interfaces of partially using PreciGrip components - with the above-mentioned advantages and with continued use of their former system (see article above).
PreciGrip part expansion at a later date is not ruled out in this case: the added values in terms of greater ease of assembly, dimensional stability, savings in weight and increased stability simply cannot be dismissed!