Eliokem starts up its Pliocord VP Latex project in China

Eliokem, a specialty chemical company, announces that the construction and commissioning of its Pliocord plant located in the Shanghai Chemical Industry Park (Caojing, China) is now complete. The project involved investment totalling US$ 25 million.
Several batches of VP latex have now been successfully produced. The product is being sampled for customer approval and the production is due to ramp-up by late Q4-2010 and early 2011.
The Shanghai plant is expected to expand the global Pliocord production capacity of the Group including the existing Le Havre facility in France to approximately 50,000 metric tons wet per year allowing the company to achieve the largest worldwide production of VP latex.

Pliocord VP Latex is primarily used in the production of tire cord fabric providing critical adhesion of the cord to the tire’s rubber. Approximately one in three radial passenger cars tires worldwide uses Pliocord VP Latex.

Eliokem Shanghai is scheduled to manufacture at a later date other lattices based on emulsion technology according to regional demands and opportunities. The site benefits from 44,000 sqm of additional land for further expansions and a potential to increase the plant’s capability by several times.

Eliokem continues to strive highest standards in safety at its facilities all around the world. ‘’ We are very proud of the safety records in Shanghai plant since day one of construction to date, with zero Lost Time Incident ‘’ commented Olivier Faussadier, Director International Development.

Eliokem Shanghai is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Eliokem SAS (France).

About Eliokem

Eliokem, a leading Specialty Chemical company
Eliokem is a specialty chemical group with headquarters in Villejust (near Paris) France. The group employs more than 630 people around the world and has 5 production facilities located at Le Havre (France), Akron (Ohio, USA), Ningbo (China), Caojing (China) and Valia (Gujarat, India) as well as 6 representative offices in Europe, Asia and The Americas, and a network of 82 distributors and agents strategically located around the world. The company has leading positions in a broad range of niche applications with the following trademarks and associated product lines:

Plioliteâ, Pliowayâ, Pliotecâ and Hydro Pliolite®: resins used in decorative paints.
Pliotoneâ: resins for electrographic toner
Chemigumâ and Sunigumâ: elastomeric modifiers for plastics & TPEs
Chemigum® nitrile rubber and polyblends used in auto parts and industrial rubber goods
Pliolite® S6 & HSR high styrene resins for rubber reinforcement
Pliocordâ, Pliolite® SB and Chemigumâ: latices for tire cord dipping and reinforcing fabrics, carpet backing and dipped gloves
Wingstayâ: non-staining antioxidants used in natural rubber latex articles, carpet backing and for the protection of ABS plastic and synthetic rubber.

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