Eliokem launches new grade of Sunigumâ

Eliokem launches a new grade of Sunigum,
P 2100, with enhanced resilience properties, ideally suited for dynamic gasketing applications.

The enhanced resilience of Sunigum P2100 allows compounders to formulate cost effective flexible PVC window gaskets in any colour, with excellent low compression set, meeting all European specifications.

Sunigum P2100 can be blended and processed with a large variety of thermoplastics like TPU, COPE, ASA, ABS, PA, SEBS bringing soft touch, enhanced processing, chemical, oil and fat resistance.

Sunigum polymers are based on a unique acrylate chemistry and produced in powder form via a specific patented process. They offer excellent thermal stability for high temperature extrusion, and provide outstanding heat and UV resistance to finished products.

About Eliokem

Eliokem, a leading Specialty Chemical company
Eliokem is a specialty chemical group with headquarters in Villejust (near Paris) France. The group employs more than 630 people around the world and has 5 production facilities located at Le Havre (France), Akron (Ohio, USA), Valia (Gujarat, India), Ningbo (China) and Caojing (Shanghai - China) as well as 6 representative offices in Europe, Asia and The Americas, and a network of 82 distributors and agents strategically located around the world. The company has leading positions in a broad range of niche applications with the following trademarks and associated product lines:

Plioliteâ, Pliowayâ, Pliotecâ and Hydro Pliolite®: resins used in decorative paints.
Pliotoneâ: resins for electrographic toner
Chemigumâ and Sunigumâ: elastomeric modifiers for plastics & TPEs
Chemigum® nitrile rubber and polyblends used in auto parts and industrial rubber goods
Pliolite® S6 & HSR high styrene resins for rubber reinforcement
Pliocordâ, Pliolite® SB and Chemigumâ: latices for tire cord dipping and reinforcing fabrics, carpet backing and dipped gloves
Wingstayâ: non-staining antioxidants used in natural rubber latex articles, carpet backing and for the protection of ABS plastic and synthetic rubber.

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