Topic of the Month: June 2015

Eliminating shortages of skilled staff

Bachelor degree in mechanical engineering without A-levels via distance learning


Bring jobs and training under one roof? Distance learning can be the solution. © istockphoto

Family and job

Distance learning offers the possibility to take into account family aspects. © istockphoto


Commitment to training is evidence to employers of motivation, dedication and perseverance. Characteristics that go down well and lead to promotion opportunities, more demanding assignments and greater responsibility. © istockphoto

Road sign to success

Success through vocational and continuous training – blueprint for success. © istockphoto

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January/February 2018: “A man who was 20 years ahead of his time”: the polymer pioneer Fritz Klatte

Dr Fritz Klatte, one of the pioneers of plastics chemistry, died on 11. February 1934. The patents he obtained in 1912 and 1913 formed the basis for the first thermoplastic polymers, particularly polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Klatte did not live to experience their global success – his death at the age of 53 meant that others enjoyed the benefits of his research and that his reputation faded at times.
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