Electronics recycler reshoots old 3D movies into 3D printer filament


GreenDisk, a 22-year-old recycler of electronic media for the software, music and movie industries headquartered in Issaquah, WA, celebrated Earth Day this year with the creation of a new company called reShootz. Taking advantage of the burgeoning demand for sustainable raw materials, reShootz will develop and market 3D printer filaments using a dedicated stream of recycled plastics derived from discarded CDs and DVDs.

Quality is a priority for reShootz, both in the development and manufacturing processes. The recycled plastic and associated additives are formulated to ensure the desired material traits and print properties. In the filament manufacturing process, reShootz focuses on consistent flow, temperature, and drying speed to ensure shape and diameter, also critical to an effective print result.

Mickey Friedman, one of the reShootz principals explained: "You have to understand the history of the material and its unique characteristics to produce a quality product. Over the years, we've learned how to best take advantage of this particular set of recycled plastics, and thanks to the need for a tight audit trail, we know how they were made and where they came from."

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