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Electrofusion Saddle Wire Laying

SWL Machine
MSA Engineering Systems Limited (UK) are World leaders in the design and manufacture of patented wire laying systems for the production of electrofusion fittings used to join thermoplastic pipes as typically used in the gas, water and petrochemical industries.

MSA has developed a brand new SWL (Saddle Wire Laying) Machine for laying wire directly in to the curved face of a saddle. MSA completed the design and fully automatic prototype machine in the first half of 2009, and sales of the machinery commenced in 2010.

The machine enables large saddle parts to be produced, typically with outlets up to Ø315mm, with an overall part size of 500mm x 500mm, and saddle diameter from 90mm to infinity (standard and special types).

MSA’s patented Wire Laying Method inserts wire into a moulded fitting or fabricated part in a special CNC process which has many advantages and far greater flexibility than traditional methods. In the case of saddle fittings this new development eradicates the problems experienced by laying wire in to a separate pre-grooved pad, which then has to be inserted in to the saddle body mould. It also enables special large fittings to be completely fabricated.

The SWL Machine system is now being offered for sale to electrofusion fitting manufacturers. As an additional service MSA are also offering a sub-contract facility for insertion of wire in to saddle type fittings.

MSA also manufacture a range of Horizontal and Vertical format CNC systems for making couplers from Ø20 to Ø1200mm. Elbows, reducers, tees and electrofusion pads can also be made on the same machines. In association MSA produce a range of innovative Electrofusion Control Units.

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