Electroform adds two-shot press


Electroform Company Inc. (Rockford, IL) has added a 55-ton, two-shot Arburg injection molding machine to its sampling and R&D facility. “We’re right-sizing our presses to the type of work we’re doing and what our customers’ requirements are,” said Wade Clark, president of Electroform. The new press is for developmental programs for multishot, decorating, and assembling technology for Electroform’s customers.

Electroform had eight presses in its R&D facility, but two—both two-shot machines—had injection units too large for their applications. A customer purchased the presses along with the molds for a turnkey manufacturing cell that Electroform is designing and building. “We’re also providing the training to this customer for multishot molding processing,” Clark explains.

Clark says that the molding manufacturing cells that Electroform provides include vision robotics, inspection systems, and automated assembly and testing in addition to the mold. With the addition of the new presses, Electroform will now have a total of seven presses ranging from 40-300 tons...
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