Electriplast conductive plastic passes auto OEM tests


The electrically conductive resin ElectriPlast has passed all testing for use in the upcoming 2012 model of an unidentified European OEM, receiving UL approval while also satisfying tensile strength and shielding requirements, according to the Tier One supplier making the parts. Pending final approval, Electriplast-based components would hit showroom floors this fall as part of the unnamed 2012 model-year vehicle.

Integral Technologies Inc. (Bellingham, WA), which markets the electrically conductive Electriplast thermoplastic, said that at some frequencies its latest compound outperformed the aluminum part it's replacing and will yield even greater weight reductions than prior blends.

Integral also said that a second Tier One automotive supplier has informed it that ElectriPlast has similarly satisfied all testing to date for inclusion in the 2013 model for another leading European automaker. That vehicle begins production in the fall of 2012....
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