Electric valve gate solves family mold riddle


Irvine, CA—When Scott Rose described the application's geometries as "challenging", Spencer Cook could only shake his head and laugh. "Definitely," Cook reiterated. "Anti-molding 101," added Jose Ramirez. "Negative to zero draft, and if you operate in the stable part of the viscosity curve, 90% of the time, you would not make an acceptable part."

Gathered around a conference room table at Balda | C. Brewer's Irvine, CA injection molding facility, Rose, operations director; Cook, process engineer; and Ramirez, program manager were recalling a particularly challenging family mold. Running a highly cosmetic premium consumer brand product, the mold and hot runner system had been unable to produce acceptable parts and the clock was ticking on an extremely high profile product launch.

"That one particular family mold could not make acceptable parts," Cook said. "Then we put eGate on, and it worked."

eGate is Synventive's patented electronic valve gate hot runner system, introduced in November 2011. The eGate that made the unmoldable moldable was the first commercial system in use, and it came just in time for Balda | C. Brewer.

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