Electric, hybrid vehicle penetration propels PPS usage


According to Japanese resin supplier Toray Industries (Tokyo), a typical gasoline-powered motor vehicle manufactured in Japan employs on average 1-2 kg of PPS but with electric vehicles (EVs) the polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) usage rockets to more than 5 kg.

The level of PPS utilization in hybrid electric vehicles HEVs), meanwhile ranges between 4-5 kg. PPS is widely used in drive train components such as inverters, condensers and motor insulation according to Takeshi Fujita, assistant manager of the Automotive Products Department at Toray.

In Japan, HEVs could capture 40% of the market by 2020 according to market observers. Toyota's Prius is already the market leader there, while Toyota sold almost 630,000 hybrid vehicles globally in 2011 and over 425,000 in the first four months on this year alone.-mpweditorial@ubm.com