Elastomer proves flexibility in two-shot process


Thermoplastic elastomer supplier Kraiburg TPE (Waldkraiburg, Germany) and toolmaker/molder Mues Products & Moulds GmbH (Kolbermoor, Germany), have joined forces to debut a new type of removable badge plate for engine covers in the automotive sector molded using a two-shot process.

The application of Kraiburg's high-performance Hipex thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) compound and an innovative tool design were keys to successful development of the part, comprised of a rigid nylon component and flexible TPE studs. The rigid component is molded in the first shot, a robot removes this from the cavity and places it in another one for TPE overmolding while simultaneously, the next rigid component is molded. Previously, rubber studs were attached manually, resulting in slower cycle times and higher reject rates.
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