Editorial: Getting past the “lazy kids with bad attitudes pose huge challenge for the plastics industry” talk


Of course they do pose a huge challenge because as we all know, the next generation is truly lazy and stupid, even more so than we were in the eyes of our parents and they were in the eyes of our grandparents.

So, it's good to get that bit of nonsense out of the way. The youngsters generally have a different outlook on things anyway, thank goodness. Just for the sake of argument, let's assume the kids in school now, soon to graduate and enter the working world, are neither particularly dumb nor particularly lazy.

Instead, let's assume they are interested in maximizing their future income without making huge sacrifices in their non-working lives. Like most rational people, they'll willingly give up some of that non-work freedom as the benefits of working increase. It's a safe assumption, I'd argue, and it means they are just as all of the young people who have preceded them....
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