Eco-conscious solutions from PolyOne at Chinaplas

OnFlex non-halogen flame-retardant, non-phthalate TPEs Processors and OEMs can meet sustainability goals and maximize consumer appeal with GLS OnFlex HFFR non-halogen TPEs for wire and cable. These compounds are said to provide exceptional visual and tactile aesthetics in a non-plasticized, solution that allows manufacturers to respond to consumer demands for more eco-conscious products. They are available in a range of products for jacketing, insulation, and connectors.

Stat-Tech CNT compounds for electronics POM-based formulations are combined with carbon nanotube technology and targeted to meet the demanding requirements of electronics applications, such as electronic media storage, integrated circuit packaging and semiconductor devices. These new solutions offer consistent electro-static discharge (ESD) performance and high purity with no tradeoffs in mechanical performance, helping to increase yield rates and accelerate cycle times for overall production cost efficiencies.   OnColor Complete Liquid Color Solutions
This liquid colorant system can help converters and OEMs reduce total operating cost, eliminate waste, enhance employee safety, and reduce environmental impact. The system combines integral metering technology with refillable, returnable containers and state-of-the-art liquid colorants in a closed-loop system.

ECCOH Solar-T LSFOH compounds, additive and colorant solutions for photovoltaics This complete family of colorant, additive and compound solutions enables customers to fast-track the TÜV approval process, shorten lead time and increase speed to market. These solutions meet or exceed performance, weatherability, and regulatory requirements for photovoltaic components such as back-sheet laminates and TÜV wire, and include OnColor Solar Colorants, Smartbatch Solar color and additive concentrates, ECCOH Solar-T LSFOH jacketing and insulation compounds, OnCap Solar Dry Silane cross-linking wire and cable concentrates.  PolyOne also supplies kits that include compound, crosslinking agent and colorant to accelerate customers' time to market. These bundled solutions include:ECCOH Solar-T or Te  LSFOH compound for silane or e-beam cross-linkingOnCap Solar dry silane concentrateOnColor Solar black color concentrate SmartBatch Solar red or blue color with UV additive concentrate

 "In addition to these new solutions, we are also looking forward to meeting with Chinaplas 2011 attendees to discuss our specialization and globalization progress and commitment to growth in Asia,” said Chien.