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EasyBalance LSR - A way to Mold LSR with conventional IMM

There has recently been a proliferation of products made in LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber). LSR has characteristics that make it ideal for many fields of application. In particular, this material resists temperatures ranging from -60°C to +280°C, is very elastic and maintains good mechanical properties over a wide temperature range, it does not contain toxic or aggressive components, has a very good weathering, chemical and aging resistance and moreover can be injection molded.

Despite this recent growth LSR market is still relatively small when compared to the thermoplastics one. The market growth could be much quicker if there were not also high entry barriers to hamper it. To Mold LSR in fact, until now, you had to buy a specifically dedicated IMM that with the limited size of the market a few could afford.

To overcome this drawback, and resolve, at the same time, also numerous other problems related to LSR molding, Guzzini Engineering has developed EasyBalance Molding System.

EBM LSR is a cold runner system for the injection and distribution of Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) that does not require the use of the injection barrel of the press and thus make possible the molding of liquid silicone rubber (LSR) also with a conventional thermoplastics IMM.

This new molding system comes from years of experience in the processing of LSR with the aim of solving the problems of:




In detail, the new EBM LSR system allow:

  1. Molding of X product on the same mold and at the same time with different weight (Even of great magnitude), thickness and color with a perfect balancing.

  2. Repeatability

  3. Different hardness SH

  4. Reduction of cleaning waste 50%

Another peculiarity of EBM system is that it can be installed along an assembly line where there is the need to add the LSR as a sealant and / or coating of a particular.