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EXPO in Lengerich - Part 1: Extrusion

FILMEX high-speed 7-layer cast film line with nano layer feedblock and FILMATIC PS winder for the production of  Super Power Stretch Film.

Film converters from around the world will meet again at W&H’s in-house EXPO, the "Oktoberfest" of the flexible packaging industry. The manufacturer who are coming to see a wide range of live demonstrations. At this event, visitors to the K will get a glimpse of the future of flexible packaging. The modern extrusion and printing technology centre at the Lengerich headquarters will highlight developments in extrusion, printing and converting over the past three years since the last K. As many as fourteen exhibits are being presented live, including four blown film and two cast film systems, three flexographic printing machines and one rotogravure press, one tuber each for FFS film and woven fabric as well as one bottomer each for woven PP pinch and valve sacks – a comprehensive show. The uncontested star at the show is the new VAREX II. Another VAREX II can be seen in Düsseldorf at our K stand.

AQUAREX Blown Film Line for 7-Layer Pouch Film

Water quench blown film extrusion allows producing films with unique mechanical as well as exceptional optical characteristics. It is especially in the sector of thermoforming and heat-seal applications that the wet extrusion process offers advantages over systems using air cooling.

The extended spectrum of precisely adjustable properties opens completely new packaging film applications. The asymmetric 1100 mm, 100-micron 7-layer film run on the AQUAREX is just one example. This product ideally demonstrates today's capabilities in regard to surface feel, puncture resistance, sealing properties and transparency. The asymmetrical film structure with a thermally resistant outer layer, three inner layers providing strength and stiffness, as well as a sealable inner layer is the ideal film for fast running packaging systems. Compared to air cooled extrusion systems, the film produced on the AQUAREX does not tend to curl, which eases subsequent processing on downstream equipment.

VAREX Blown Film Extrusion Line for In-line Oriented Film

Mineral wool for heat insulation of buildings, similar to baby diapers, is a rather voluminous product. Compressing and packing them with special films that keep the package in shape, allows for easier logistics and handling, while at the same time saving transport costs. The holding power of the packaging film is of utmost importance in order to stand the pressure of the packaged product. Stretched film of no more than 35-micron thickness fulfils this requirement reliably with minimum resin usage.

The demo product is 180-micron 3-layer film based on bimodal LLDPE resins. The said thickness is achieved through in-line machine direction orientation (MDO) of the film with a ratio of approximately 1:5. Monoaxial machine direction orientation of polymer films allows influencing their properties so that they are perfectly suited to the packaging purpose.

VAREX Blown Film Line for 9-Layer Barrier Film for Meat Packaging

Fresh meat is a sensible product making exacting demands on the packaging material used. Unless properly packed, the product is subject to loss of water, germiness and oxidative deterioration. The task of the packaging material is to keep the meat fresh and consumable for as long as possible. Barrier films of the type used for this purpose for some time now, have proved to be an effective and resource saving packaging medium with a view to preserving freshness and hygiene. Another VAREX on display demonstrates the production of a 55-micron asymmetric 9-layer high barrier film with a width of 2,000 mm. The special advantage of this film structure consists in that, using a coextruded polyester sealing layer, it can be heat-sealed directly to the PET tray. As a result, lamination of the tray film, which would normally be required to permit sealing to the lid film, is no longer necessary. Processing various resin types such as PE-LD, PE-mLL, bonding agents, PA, EVOH and PETG, the VAREX proves its flexibility.

VAREX II Blown Film Line for VFFS Film for Consumer and Industrial Packaging Applications

The number one highlight at the in-house EXPO in Lengerich is the new VAREX II blown film system. It is configured to produce 3-layer film. Equipped with the latest modules EASY-CHANGE, EASY-WIND, ENERGY MONITORING and PPC (Production Planning & Control), the focus of this line is clearly on automation. The demo product is film intended for processing on vertical tubular bag making machines (VFFS). Visitors will be able to witness changeover from 2,200 mm, 40-micron film for frozen food to a 1,880 mm, 75-micron film for wood pellets. Using EASY-CHANGE and EASY-WIND, the changeover is completed without interrupting production. The newly developed resin types are characterized by enhanced mechanical strength as well as improved processing properties, while at the same time allowing for 25% downgauging.

FILMEX Cast Film Line for the Extrusion of CPP Film for Sterilizable Pouch Applications

Film for sterilizable stand-up pouches represents a fast growing bulk market. Highly economical and efficient production is therefore of the essence. The FILMEX at W&H's extrusion lab demonstrates the production of 5-layer CPP film for this application. The film features a width of 2,000 mm. Output is approximately 500 kg/h. The spectacular aspect of this production is that the film thickness could be reduced to 60 microns, translating into 25% resin savings as compared to conventional production.

FILMEX Cast Film Coextrusion Line for Nano Layer Super Power Stretch Film

This FILMEX represents a cast film line of superlatives. Featuring a film width of 3,000 mm and equipped with 7 extruders, it produces a 33-layer 12-micron composite film at a speed of 600 m/mind and output of approx. 1,200 kg/h. Featuring extraordinary stretch capability and perfect processing characteristics, the film is used on high-speed stretch wrap systems. Material savings and trouble-free operation give the user notable cost advantages.

Lengerich/Germany based Windmöller & Hölscher (W&H) is an internationally leading provider of machinery and equipment for the flexible packaging industry. The manufacturing program encompasses blown and cast film lines, flexographic and gravure printing presses, machines for finishing and converting paper, film, foil and woven plastic material, as well as FFS (Form-Fill-Seal) packaging systems.