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EREMA Hot die face pelletising systems HG

EREMA Hot die face pelletising systems HG
Over 2000 EREMA hot die face water ring pelletisers in operation throughout the world, with throughputs ranging from 50 to 2800 kg/h, are proof of their value.

The result of this wealth of user experience is the innovative EREMA series HG 82/152P/242P/342P, which stands out due to numerous special features. The user receives a system with maximum operational reliability and flexibility combined with straightforward, simplified handling.

Particular benefits of the system

● Special cutting geometry design, automatic knife pressure built up towards die face and the possibility of adjusting the pelletiser knife pressure during pelletising mean up to 10 times (!) pelletiser knife service life compared with the previous model.

● Integrated pelletiser knife function supervision with alarm signal and automatic plant shutdown feature in the event of malfunction (for example if lumps form due to worn knives), ruling out the danger of pelletiser housing becoming filled with melt.

● High operational reliability and very low proportion of fines in the pellets thanks to very precise, patented water routing in the pelletiser housing without spraying.

● Straightforward pelletiser knife holder design for rapid and easy knife change without adjustments.

● Automatic pelletiser speed adjustment control enables stable, reliable operation with virtually constant pellet grain size, even with fluctuating melt throughput.

● Insensitive to throughput fluctuations, making melt pumps and diverter valves unnecessary.

● Flexible pellet discharge enables virtually any set-up for the downstream equipment according to site space conditions.

● Reduced chilled (cooling) water cost due to efficient pellet cooling system.

● Die face, knife head, and pelletising knives can be configured individually (according to material processed) and exchanged easily and quickly.

● Optional fully automatic pelletiser start-up and shutdown feature via start/stop signal from extruder.

● Optional visualisation and recording of process data with network link for control station operation (useful in combination with fully automatic pelletiser start/stop feature)